October 2018

Leftover Chicken & Shells Casserole

Crispy Leftover Chicken & Shells Casserole-Platter Talk Leftover Chicken Recipes are pretty popular in our home. If you have ever wondered what to do with leftover chicken, then read on. You’re going to love this easy and delicious leftover chicken recipe! Leftover Chicken Recipe for Crispy Shells Casserole This leftover chicken recipe is the second […]

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Tuna Fish Salad

Tuna Fish Salad Recipe A bit of parsley, a smidgen of garlic powder, a splash of lemon juice, and of course, tuna, celery, onion, and mayonnaise. This is a great tuna salad that works for a sandwich, stuffed into a plump tomato, or spooned onto fresh salad greens.  

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